We are a team who wants you to SUCCEED. You’ll work directly with the most experienced talent in the industry.   When it comes to your goals and desires its vitally important that your training is the best for you. Over the years, our close-knit team has worked with all types of clients.  We are a team of fitness professionals, exercise physiologist, strength coaches, medical fitness professionals and academics with a passion and desire to help everyone we work with to reach their greatest potential.


We are committed to providing affordable, no-nonsense, research based training for all types of individuals and backgrounds. We make training easy by providing training and coaching based on research and industry experience to help you achieve your goal. Whether you are an athlete preparing for your next competition or just wanting to feel better and look great we have the best solution for you.


We use cutting-edge research and industry best practices coupled with our team’s experiences working with all types of clients: athletes, powerlifters, physique competitors, and those seeking to be healthier. We implement effective and proven principles in modern periodization and exercise prescription. When it comes to your goals and passions, we know how to best get you there and only have your success in mind.


“To turn a lifelong couch potato into a gym rat is no small feat. The individualized program is challenging, but not more than I can handle."

Rachel, DC

“Outstanding masters of their craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge; experts in running, weight training, power lifting; HPTI is brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. The real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any coach should be measured."

Nicole, WA

“I have been actively exercising for over 20 years and have been a member of various gyms. HPTI has by far the best coaches.  My coach is extremely helpful and friendly, and looks out for my best interests and customizes workouts for me.  Because of him, I am in the best shape of my life.” 

Nancy, GA

“Becoming a part of the HPTI family has completely changed me as an athlete. I’ve noticed not just an increase in strength but also more development in my shoulders and arms. My body weight has stayed the same but my aesthetic and main lifts have all increased.”

Jacob, CA

“You don’t need to be “elite” to follow a program. I have been working with my coach for over a month now. I just have to say that I have loved every minute of the process so far and am beyond excited to see where my program takes me in the future.”

Xander- TX

“An elite athlete isn’t the only one who needs to follow a program. An efficient, well thought out program allows you to be training for life without spending hours in the gym, my coach keeps in mind my goals, family, work and time constraints.”

Rebecca, MI

“I couldn’t find a coach in my area to help me with my Olympic Lifting. So, I decided to look into a remote coach hoping I’d be able to get at least a little help.  All I have to say is WOW! What I received from my coach was more than I ever could have expected.  I’ve always had issues with my squat and overhead position, which limited my ability to get stronger.   In the words of my coach, “Let’s turn your weakness into your strengths!”  I can now say that I don’t have to worry about those weakness anymore.”

Margie, PA

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